April Favorites

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April showers might be necessary for May flowers, but April also brings with it fun and fruity flavors! The spring and summer months truly give us an opportunity to explore different ingredients, from plum to lemon and even banana! Plus, we’re celebrating the return of our Spring & Summer Seasonal Collection, which features numerous blends specifically created to be perfect iced teas. So get brewing and don’t let those showers get you down!

First In Our Cup: Plum Oolong

A spring & summer favorite that is requested year after year! This flavored blend mixes rosehips, goji berries, hibiscus, and natural plum flavor with a smooth oolong for a bold flavor we love to drink iced! Like each of our limited edition blends, Plum Oolong won’t be here for long, so stock up while you can!

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A Non-Traditional Iced Tea: Cinnamon Spice Black

Each of our Cinnamon Spice blends is well known for their distinct flavor and bold cinnamon taste, but did you know that they also make great iced teas? The majority of our customers drink these blends hot all year long, but thanks to the natural sweetness of cinnamon, they make for an incredible iced sweet tea that requires no extra sugar! Specifically, we love Black Cinnamon Spice for a bold cup because it holds up well to the icing process. For instructions on how to make the perfect iced tea, check out our blog post here.

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A Little Bit Tropical: Jungle Safari

A sweet, smooth green tea is paired with coconut, juicy pineapple, and creamy banana for a blend that will whisk your taste buds off to a tropical paradise. No need for travel with Jungle Safari – this blend will have you coming back again and again to quench your summer thirst. Here for a limited time this summer, we recommend it both hot and cold, as each version offers a different flavor profile!

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Summer Seasonals are Here: Beachberry

As the weather gets warmer, our teas get colder, and that’s why we have curated an entire collection of teas perfect for icing. One of our favorites, especially in the spring months, is Beachberry, a green Sen cha paired with cool strawberry, tangy citrus, and fresh cucumber for a brew that is both flavorful and refreshing! We also recommend sipping it by the beach, but that isn’t required to enjoy this seasonal pick!

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Our Next Brew: Limoncello

Arriving in late April, Limoncello has a fresh new flavor this year! With upgraded ingredients that truly bring out the sweet lemon flavor reminiscent of the popular Italian beverage, we like to call this one our golden ray of sunshine. Don’t worry – there’s no alcohol included, and it’s caffeine-free too, which makes it perfect for the whole family any time of day. Squeeze the day with this Seasonal Specialty Blend!

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