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Admit it. You have a go-to tea. That blend you look forward to every single morning. The brew that gets you out of bed each day. The one you buy by the pound. But at Fava Tea Company, we offer over 200 teas throughout the year, and we’re certain that you can find another favorite to add to your collection! To simplify the process, we’ve compiled a list of our top-selling teas and paired them up with another blend that you’re sure to love! If you don’t see your tea on the list, comment below and we’ll make recommendations for you to try!

A French Breakfast fan? Try Paris Evening!

French Breakfast black tea rings in as our top-seller year after year, but did you know there’s a caffeine-free version? A delightful blend of red rooibos, green rooibos, and honeybush, Paris Evening combines the same cran-raisins and pineapple bits that you know and love from French Breakfast. This brew is equally as smooth with just a hint more sweetness than its black tea counterpart, and takes cream and sugar exceptionally well. Try it the next time you’re craving a cup of French Breakfast in the evening hours before bed!

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Buying pounds of Masala? Try Fava’s Classic Chai!

Our house blend chai is a warming, rich blend of black tea, anise seed, cinnamon, ginger, black peppercorn, and clove. Delightfully sweet, but with the same traditional taste you know Masala for. Our favorite fun fact about this Fava Tea blend? The longer you steep it, the richer the flavor! While most black teas or chai blends steep for just a few minutes, we start this blend at 6, and we’d argue that it tastes even better when you steep it for 10-12 minutes!

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Cinnamon Spice Fanatic? Try Tension Tackler!

Our cinnamon spice tea blends are by far some of the most popular teas in the store. From green to black to rooibos and decaf, we scoop more cinnamon spice than some other blends combined. But did you know that there’s a hidden member of the cinnamon spice family in our wellness section? Blended with red rooibos, Tension Tackler is flavorful and packed with potential wellness benefits. While results vary by consumer, with ingredients like cinnamon, coconut, and lavender, it may assist with inflammation, muscle aches, body cramping, and anxiety!

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Is Dublin Breakfast your go-to cup? Try Sweet Vanilla Biscotti!

Black tea, jasmine, and vanilla! What’s not to like? If you’re a fan of our Dublin Breakfast, we recommend checking out one of our newest black tea blends: Sweet Vanilla Biscotti! This mild cup is expertly blended with malva flowers, jasmine buds, and vanilla for a smooth brew that is great hot or cold! It’s also designed to take cream and sugar well, so grab some of this caffeinated tea for your next latte!

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Is Fava’s Winter Blend out of stock? Try Pistachio Orange!

We get many questions about recommendations for our seasonal blends when they’re out of stock in the off-season, and this is one of our favorite replacements! Pu-Erh teas are a darker, richer version of black tea, offering a unique brew with tons of flavor. We pair it with nutty pistachios, fresh citrus, and a variety of floral elements to bring forth a natural sweetness that brews incredibly hot or cold. It’s also a wonderful alternative to the popular Pistachio Torte Black tea we carry each winter!

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Every cup filled with Earl Grey Cream? Try Lady Grey!

Our version of a Lady Grey tea is so popular that it went from a Limited Edition Blend available for a limited time to a Seasonal Specialty Blend available for an entire season to a Signature Blend we now carry the entire year! This is our all-time favorite tea for brewing London Fog Lattes, and we carefully pair high-quality black tea with malva, jasmine, cornflower, vanilla, and, of course, bergamot for a new take on the classic Earl Grey. Add a bit of honey or sweetener, sprinkle in a dash of cream, or drink as is for a delightful cup you’ll love.

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Detoxing with Detox? Relax with Yoga!

We’re not just talking about yoga in practice (although we enjoy that, too). This classic herbal blend was invented in India centuries ago to help reduce inflammation, improve digestive systems, and provide pain relief. Warm, comforting, and flavorful, Yoga is an aromatic mixture of cinnamon, hawthorn petals, ginger, clove, black pepper, and cardamom. We love brewing a cup before a bit of meditation or yoga, and if you enjoy the earthy flavors of Detox, you’re sure to love this one too!

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Jammin’ with some Berry flavors? Try Raspberry Patch!

Our herbal section is filled with bold berry flavors, and if you’re a long-time fan of favorites like Jammin’ Berry or Razzle Berry, we highly recommend you try a cup of our house-blended Raspberry Patch! It contains all the deliciousness of fresh-picked raspberries with just a hint of elderberry, black currant, and hibiscus to round things out. The result is tart, sweet, and fabulous hot or iced!

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Is Roasted Almond Chai your absolute favorite? Try Roasted Almond!

These two blends may only be different by one word in name, but in reality, they are beautiful compliments of each other with distinct flavors! Roasted Almond Chai is quick to sell by the pound regularly, proving to be one of our most popular chai blends, but a hidden gem sits quietly in our herbal section. Roasted Almond herbal tastes just like the roasted almonds you crave at the fairgrounds, with a nutty flavor and a hint of cinnamon. Beetroot adds natural sweetness and a pretty pink color to the cup, and this blend can be brewed as a comforting cup of hot tea or a refreshing glass of iced tea!

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Can you still remember Green Walnut? Try Health Nut!

Legend tells of a best-selling blend of the past! While discontinuing teas is our absolute least favorite activity, we occasionally need to remove a blend from our shelves for a variety of reasons. But when we can, we love to find replacements that feel like they carry on the legacy of their predecessors. We discontinued Green Walnut years ago, but were quick to create a new blend that we feel embodies every essence of the old tea. Our Health Nut, blended with organic green tea, pineapple, coconut, and a wealth of nutty flavors, was taste-tested by staff until they could no longer tell the difference between the old and the new, and trust us, we’re picky about our teas!

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