Green Cinnamon Spice Tea


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Loose Leaf Green Tea Available by the Whole Ounce or in 4-ounce and 1-pound packages. Want to try a smaller sample? Try the Green Cinnamon Spice Teaser Package!

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This green tea combines not one, not two, but three types of cinnamon with sweet clove and orange peel for a delightfully sweet treat great hot or cold! To make matters better, there’s no added sweetener in this tea, even though you’d swear there is! The natural sweetness of cinnamon shines through in this Fava Favorite and best-selling blend!

Want to try a smaller sample? Try the Green Cinnamon Spice Teaser Package!


Green tea, cinnamon, orange peel, sweet clove, natural and artificial flavor.



Flavor Profile

, ,

Steep Temperature

180° F

Steep Time

3 Minutes

2 reviews for Green Cinnamon Spice Tea

  1. Traci

    Absolutely Wonderful!

    Definitely try this tea if you’re a fan of cinnamon! Personally, I think it tastes just like the Red Hots candy! So delicious and spicy, while still being a little sweet. Very glad I was introduced to this tea! Will be buying more in the very near future.

  2. Jennifer

    So tasty.

    Cinnamon fans rejoice. This is amazingly tasty tea. I tasted it as a sample in-store, and immediately put some on my order sheet. It’s hard to believe it doesn’t have sugar, or something like sassafras that imitates sweetness, but no, just cinnamon.. I normally don’t like cloves in tea but the cinnamon is the main flavor, with only a hint of clove. I’ve tried it with a spoonful of honey but it doesn’t really benefit from it–the natural sweetness is plenty. Seeing that there are “cinnamon spice” black teas as well as an herbal blend, I couldn’t tell you which one would be for you; use your own preference as to whether you like/need caffeine (black and green tea both have caffeine) and what type of tea you like, but I do not find the green tea to be a strong flavor element in this particular blend, if that helps.

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