Jasmine Pearl Green Tea


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Green Tea Leaves Sold By The Ounce-Organic

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The aroma of our new Jasmine Pearl Green Organic is floral and sweet. It is reminiscent of being at a farmers market in the summer and passing the custom floral vendor who designs your bouquet based on your liking and specification. Although the jasmine is most prominent, you pick up other floral nuances that transport you to a warm and wonderful moment wherever you are.

The flavor of our new Jasmine Pearl Green Organic is mellow and light with a slightly sweet, golden finish. We would compare the pleasant body and smooth finish of this cup to a honey glaze infused with beautiful jasmine blossoms. You’ll also pick up subtle nuances of pineapple which compliments the sweet and floral notes of jasmine.

Each pearl is hand rolled using green tea leaves and silver buds which look like small emerald pearls woven with streaks of ivory. This tea is perfect for any occasion and the leaves can be steeped multiple times, while still maintaining its authentic color and taste.




Flavor Profile



Organic green tea, jasmine flowers.

Steep Time

2 Minutes

Steep Temperature

180° F


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