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Springtime is upon us, and with it comes the start of a new growing season sure to be filled with bountiful crops and beautiful flowers. The warmer weather also has us thinking about iced tea, and thankfully there’s a wealth of options perfect for your next spring gathering or afternoon spent outside. Some are fruity, some are floral, but we’re certain that everything is bursting with the same flavor you know and love!

Fava’s Spring Blend

It shouldn’t be too surprising that Fava’s Spring Blend, a delightful combination of berry, mango, and dried buchu leaves, makes the list! An aromatic shrub native to South Africa, buchu leaves are well-known for their blackcurrant-like scent and have been used for hundreds of years in traditional healing practices. Did we mention they also taste great in this exclusive, springtime blend?

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Sunny Disposition

A beautiful melody of fruits, herbs, and florals comes alive in this Wellness Collection blend! Sunny Disposition was created with wellness in mind, including blue cornflower, marigold, mallow, and safflower blossoms to assist with inflammation and reduce anxiety. This blend is also a popular alternative for those who don’t like or can’t consume chamomile but are looking for similar benefits. Great hot or cold, this is a springtime floral blend you’re sure to love!

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Orange Blossom

Naturally sweet and blended with organic ingredients, our Orange Blossom green tea is a popular choice for spring occasions! Premium green tea is blended with jasmine, lemongrass, lemon myrtle, natural rose flavor, and essential oils of orange, lime, and tangerine for a brew that truly emulates the feeling of standing in an orange grove. This caffeinated option brews well hot or cold, and offers a delicate, smooth cup to start your morning.

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Chamomile Lavender

A tried and true favorite of many, Chamomile Lavender offers an incredibly floral brew known for reducing anxiety, assisting with sleep, and reducing inflammation. This combo is also often said to assist with migraine and headache relief and digestion, making it an excellent all-around wellness blend. With just two simple ingredients, it doesn’t get much easier than this!

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Turmeric Citrus

This Fava Tea Company exclusive blend combines turmeric, licorice root, cinnamon, ginger, lemongrass, and citrus peel for a symphony of flavor. Turmeric is commonly associated with its anti-inflammatory properties, but it’s also filled with antioxidants and is said to improve heart health. Combined with the spark of citrus in this caffeine-free tisane, the spicy turmeric is just as good iced as it is hot, with fresh flavors perfect for spring!

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Tropical Superfruit

Already thinking about summer and all the tropical flavors that come with it? Us too. The good news is you don’t have to wait to venture to a distant island or for the weather to feel like a distant island to enjoy one of our all-time favorite blends. A mix of black and green tea, papaya, rosehips, and florals, this blend is fruity and fun! Papaya has long been regarded as a superfruit, rich with antioxidants and nutrients, so we like to think of this blend as super in its own right.

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